The Long Distance Relationships Statistics You Should Know

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With the advancement of technology, long distance relationships are on the rise. And maintaining them is only getting easier because we have so much technological help. I’m sure we all know of someone who is in a long distance relationship or know of someone who has been in a long distance relationship before. We know of some long distance relationships that didn’t work out, and some that did. But, have you ever wondered whether a long distance relationship is even worth a shot?

When we start to really think about becoming involved in a long distance relationships we start to wonder about the numbers involved. The common perception is that long distance relationships are destined to fail, but are they though? Let’s have a look at the stats and maybe they will help you figure out whether or not you would want to be in one yourself.

The bigger picture

The overall numbers are often the statistics that everyone is interested in. How many people are in long distance relationships? In 2005, 14 to 15 million people thought themselves to be in long distance relationships in the United states alone. That’s a lot of people! Out of these 14 million people about 4 million of them are not married or engaged.

Marriage statistics in long distance relationships

marriage statisticsMarriage is a wonderful and extremely special thing to be able to share with your partner, and there are many people that live in successful long distance marriage relationships. The kind of people that are usually involved in long distance marriage relationships are sailors and soldiers. How do the statistics look for these types of long distance relationships?

There are around 3.7 million married couples in long distance relationships. 2.9% of all married couples in the United States live in long distance relationships and about 10% of all marriages started as long distance relationships. 32% of long distance relationships are currently college students and 70% of college students have been in a long distance relationship. The largest statistic of them all is that 75% of all engaged couples have been in a long distance relationship.

How long do long distance relationships last?

It’s said that it takes 4.5 months before a long distance relationship starts to fall apart. Only 40% of all long distance relationships don’t work out though.

Why do long distance relationships end?

Just like any other relationship, some long distance relationships also come to an end. We may find ourselves wondering why? Why do long distance relationships end? 70% of all long distance relationships end due to unexpected and unplanned changes in the relationship. These could be plans that change, or career changes.

How far apart do people in long distance relationships live?

In the United States the average long distance couple lives 125 miles away from each other. That’s not too bad… On average, they will also see each other at least once a month, sometimes even twice.

Communicating in a long distance relationship

When it comes to long distance relationships and communication, the statistics are not too good and can definitely be improved. Couples only speak over the phone every 2.7 days. What? Most go without speaking over the phone for at least 2 days, but when they do speak they speak for at least 30 minutes a day.

Many couples in long distance relationships still write letters and send them through the good-ol’-fashioned postal system. Most long distance relationship couples that do write letters will do so at least 3 times a month.

How soon will long distance relationship couples take to move together?

Long distance relationships statisticsMost couples don’t expect to move back together in less than a year. The longer you are apart the easier it gets to be apart. Visiting each other is great and you should do so as often as possible, but it also makes things more difficult. The more you see each other the more difficult it gets not to see each other. This can be a motivating factor to move closer together as soon as you can and sometimes it is exactly the motivation that you need.

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