Long Distance Relationship Advice: 11 Texting Tips For Your LDR

long distance relationship texting

When it comes to long distance relationships, we are very lucky to be able to communicate regularly. One of the easiest ways to communicate these days is using text. Texting can be done using a phone or even instant messenger application on your computer. Now, if you’re in similar time zones texting is extremely convenient and a very easy way to keep in touch with each other. If you live further apart, texting still helps, but you need to always check the times before sending a text so that you don’t wake your partner up.

It’s also very important to always use safe platforms of communication, especially if you’re talking about sensitive or secretive matters. The last thing you want is for anyone else to be going through your private messages. There are a few rules to follow when it comes to texting in a long distance relationship.

long distance relationship texting

Long Distance Relationship Texting

#1. Reciprocate

This is a very important rule when it comes to long distance relationship texting. You need to reciprocate. You need to make an effort to always reply to each other’s texts.

#2. Send and forget

Don’t ever sit and watch your phone waiting for a text to come through. Send the text and then forget about it! Waiting for your partner to text back is extremely time consuming and you will find you waste most of your day. It will probably also drive you mad waiting for a reply, especially if your partner is busy and can’t immediately get back to you.

#3. Mix things up

Try not to always send the same kinds of love texts. Mix things up and keep your messages fresh. This way neither you or your partner will get bored.

#4. Tease each other

Teasing creates attraction in a relationship and it helps to keep the fire alive. Teasing each other from time-to-time can also be a lot of fun and a good break from the routine conversations you may be having.

#5. Don’t send too many texts

You send one text, your partner sends one text. Try to stick to this rule. You don’t want to send your partner text, after text without any reply. This will only make you come across as needy.

#6. Never, ever have text fights

Texting is a great way to have quick conversations throughout the day, but texts are actually extremely impersonal and they can easily be misunderstood. Never discuss any very sensitive subjects or anything that could cause fights over text messages. Rather use your voice for these conversations.

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#7. Text shoot

Instead of sending single images to each other, send a series of images. For example, if you’re going to the park send photo’s of things on your way to the park and what happened at the park. Sending a bunch of photo’s instead of just one creates a story and a timeline of events. It can be great fun for the person receiving them and make them feel as if they are a part of your day.

#8. Remember the big and the small events

Remembering big and small events in your partner’s life and following up about them makes your partner feel that you really care. The events can be anything from a weekly dance class to a graduation ceremony. What’s important is that you remembered and you are showing that you care.

#9. Goodnight and Goodmorning

Send “goodnight” and “goodmorning” text messages to each other. Just a quick message to show that you’re thinking of your loved one. It sounds simple but a quick “hello” can mean the world and it can also make sure your partner’s day starts and ends off on a good note.

#10. Don’t guess

If a message is vague and if you’re not sure what your partner meant. Don’t jump to any conclusions. In fact, don’t jump to conclusions with text messages even if you think you know exactly what they meant especially if it’s a subject or something that was said that could cause a fight. Rather wait till you are face-to-face to discuss the issue or if you’re not seeing each other for a while, be honest and ask what your partner meant by a specific message. It’s a lot better to be 100% sure before jumping to any conclusions.

#11. Don’t text angry

Texting when you’re angry at your partner can cause you to say hurtful and mean things to each other and they can often be things that you don’t even mean. Avoid this at all costs. If you feel angry, rather put your phone away and revisit the conversation once you have cooled off.

Texting can bring you and your partner closer together, but texts can also drive you further apart if you don’t watch what you say to each other. If you stick to the above rules, texting will be a great asset to your relationship and make you both feel a lot closer to each other in distance than you really are.

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