How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship Over Different Time Zones

long distance relationship problems

Relationships can be a lot of fun. Throw a different time zone into the mix and the relationship can suddenly get very interesting. Not always more difficult but it does mean you have to consciously put more effort into the relationship. Putting more effort into your relationship isn’t a bad thing though, often all shaky relationships need is more effort and a long distance relationship really gives you the motivation you need to constantly think of new special ways you can make each other feel loved and cared for.

Being in a relationship where both partners live in different time zones can be challenging, time consuming and exhausting but it can also be very rewarding, romantic, and also a lot of fun.

How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship Over Different Time Zones

long distance relationship problems

Being in a long distance relationship over different time zones can be very confusing too. Who is 9 hours behind, and who is 9 hours ahead of time? And this is all before day light savings comes into play.

There are many fantastic ways to make being in a long distance relationship over different time zones a success. Here are some of these ways;

#1. Making sacrifices

You are both going to have to make sacrifices in your relationship. Even little sacrifices like staying up later or even waking up earlier in order to Skype with each other.

#2. Have fun

There’s no point being unhappy in any relationship. Being separated by distance is no exception. Making sure you always have fun together is a sure way to help you both to be happy in the relationship.

#3. Be optimistic

There will be many times where you may feel sad or lonely. Staying optimistic and always looking on the bright side will help you both get through those sad and lonely times and enjoy the good times even more.

#4. Don’t let other people decide what is best for you
Remember you know your partner more than your friends and family know your partner. Never forget this. The advice your friends and family give is usually to protect you. A lot of the time it may feel like they are just trying to butt into your life and cause trouble, but as mentioned before they don’t truly know your partner. Listen to advice you may receive from family and friends and then you decide what’s best for you and your partner.

#5. Plan ahead

Planning ahead is very important in a long distance relationship where you fall over time zones that differ a lot. Planning your calls ahead of time will prevent either you or your partner from missing the call or from being busy when you do have the call. It also ensures that you’re both able to give each other your undivided attention.

Another great thing about planning ahead is the fact that you can save ahead of time to be able to visit each other and enjoy the trip. If you don’t plan ahead for visits a long distance relationship can be very draining on your bank account.

Because you are forced to plan ahead the chances of forgetting a birthday or important event are a lot less. You can also plan something really special ahead of time and carry out your plan without fail.

#6. See each other as much as possible

Even though you may Skype each other weekly, speak everyday and chat via text messages numerous times a day it’s still extremely important to see each other as much as possible in person.
#7. Make time for each other and special occasions together

Having a date night is something that many people do these days. However, living very far away from each other and over different time zones can make having a traditional “date night” quite tricky. It’s very important though. So, you need to think out of the box when it comes to long distance relationship date nights.

You can do take-out date nights, Facetime date night at a museum, a movie night, romantic dinner, watch your favourite shows together, play games together, watch the sunset together, go stargazing, or even start a couples book club.

Being in a long distance relationship over different time zones can be trying at times but it can also really be great fun and super rewarding. As a couple in a long distance relationship you can really grow closer together in your time spent apart.

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