Do Long Distance Relationships Work – Common LDR Challenges

Does Long Distance Relationship Work

Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

Everyone wants to be in some form of a relationship. Being in a relationship gives you a feeling of being loved and being wanted. It creates security in your life and makes you feel like you belong to someone. Long distance relationships can create feelings of belonging too. But, a long distance relationship can also lack these feelings due to the time you are apart from one another.

Does Long Distance Relationship Work

Why are long distance relationships not a good option?

Here are a few points to consider when thinking about entering in to a long distance relationship:

  • Long distance relationships are hard work

You are constantly working overtime to try maintain the relationship. You will find yourself in situations where you will have to explain yourself or fix problems. This is exhausting.

  • You may not get to know your partner very well in a long distance relationship

You may think that you talk a lot, sometimes a lot more than regular couples do. Often you will only talk about regular daily occurrences, the news and the weather. If you’re not careful you will not truly get to know your partner.

  • You will have constant feelings of loneliness

It’s a sad truth but a truth none-the-less. You will be lonely! There is not much that you can do to make up for the natural feeling of loneliness that you will experience. One way to manage your loneliness is to visit your partner as often as possible. You can also try to keep loneliness at bay by texting, phoning and Skyping at every opportunity you get.

  • You might just let yourself go

You don’t have anyone to impress. Your partner is not going to be spending the night any time soon. So naturally you start to think of things like “why should I shave?”. Letting yourself go is a harsh reality as there will be times when you will have no motivation to put any effort into your appearance.

  • You will misunderstand each other

Miscommunication happens all the time in daily life. When you can’t see each other face to face miscommunication happens even more so and you will get into fights because of that.

  • You will feel selfish

It’s Friday night and all you want to do is go out with the girls or boys, but you have a scheduled Skype call in 2 hours. You will feel selfish if you miss the call with your partner to go out and have a good time. But, guess what? Going out and having a good time is an important part of life and not being able to go out will also cause friction in your relationship.

  • Words lose meaning over time

You can say “I Love You” a million times over the phone but without showing it those words become just that, words.

  • Everyone will assume your loved one will cheat on you

Hearing your friends and family say that your partner will cheat on you is hurtful. This can make you doubt the strength of your relationship. Over time these harsh words from your family and friends can drive you and your partner to split up. It can even drive you to distance yourself from them rather than your partner.

  • People will remind you that the relationship is never going to last.

People will always focus on the negative in the relationship like, how difficult it is to be in the relationship.

  • Being in separate time zones sucks

The larger the difference between your time zones the more difficult it will be.

  • You are now a third wheel

And suddenly, despite being in a relationship, you are the third wheel to all your couple friends. Because you’re always alone people will also forget that you’re not single.

The 11 points listed above in this article give you an idea of how a long distance relationship can be difficult to pursue. However, just as difficult as long distance relationships can be, they can also be exciting and you can have a lot of fun at the same time. At the end of the day choosing to be in a long distance relationship is your choice. Just remember to always respect yourself and your partner, just as you would in any other relationship.

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