12 Practical Tips For Long Distance Relationships

long distance relationship tips

As rewarding and fun as long distance relationships can be they can also be a struggle to get through and there will be ups and downs. It’s really important to constantly work on your long distance relationship, and if you do, you’ll find that it is actually quite fun to be in such a relationship. If both you and your partner work your butts off it will be the best relationship you ever have and it will leave you with absolutely no regrets.

long distance relationship tips

Here are some tips to keep that spark alive in your long distance relationship:

#1. When you’re together don’t over do it.

You don’t want to smother each other too much. Remember you are still two separate people. Long distance relationships do not stay long distance forever. When distance no longer separates you, you need to still remember how to have “me” time. So, make sure you still get “me” time when you are together.

#2. Know each other’s schedules

Take interest in each other’s days. A shared calendar like Google Calendar is an excellent way to help you both keep track of each other’s schedules. This will also help you to make sure that you don’t bother each other in meetings or important events. You will also be able to give all your attention to your daily tasks. You won’t be left constantly checking your phone and email for messages from your partner. You can now both wait till you’re available to chat.

#3. Keep things fresh

Always try out new things. Try eating new foods together. Even though in actual fact you’re far apart – get the same new food and skype or Facetime while you eat it. Try watch new movies, listen to new music, read new books. Try constantly think of new ways to have date nights and to make each other feel special.

#4. Give each other nicknames

Giving nicknames is purely fun. It’s a small gesture that creates happy vibes in a relationship.

#5. Don’t go to bed angry

Not going to bed angry is easier said than done in a long distance relationship. It’s very easy to ignore your phone or computer and so going to bed angry becomes easy to do. If you both live in different time zones where you may miss speaking to each other at bed time then it’s even easier to go to bed angry. Going to bed angry means forgetting about your problems the next morning. The problems don’t go away, instead they build up and will return with the next fight.

#6. Set goals

This tip is super important. Setting goals helps you to focus on the good in your relationship. Setting goals gives you something to look forward to. It reminds you that you will see each other soon.

#7. See it as an opportunity to get to know each other better

You will get to know your partner very well because you’re going to be talking a lot. You will quickly learn how your partner reacts when they are happy, sad, lonely, and upset. You will also learn how to comfort each other.

#8. Set some clear rules

Set rules that apply to your relationship. Some rules to consider are; times to call or not call, what you can and can’t do, and who you can or can’t go out with (to prevent jealousy).

#9. Share what you’re doing

Share your lives with each other and try to do similar activities so that you still grow and bond despite the distance between you. You can share movies, read the same books, take part in the same outdoor activities, or even learn a new language together.

#10. Joke with each other

Joking and making jokes keeps the fun going in your relationship and keeps things light hearted. It’s a small way of letting your partner know that you can take the seriousness out of life to fool around a bit with each other.

#11. Do hello’s and goodbye’s

Try to focus on saying “Hello” every morning and “Goodnight” every night just like you would if you were together. This is something that is special and unique to every relationship and it should be cherished. Saying “hello” and “goodnight” makes you feel like you are not alone. Feeling lonely is one of the biggest pains of a long distance relationship. So try to avoid feeling that.

#12. Keep small reminders of your partner around

Keep a photo of your partner next to your bed so that they are the first and last thing you think of in the day. Wear jewelry from your partner. Change your phone’s background to a photo of the two of you together where you’re happy and smiling to remind you of the good times.

The tips listed above are a few things that you can do on a daily basis. They will help keep your long distance relationship flourishing and growing stronger constantly.

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